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The Roma hall is a full service catering and banquet facility. Our chef prepares all our dishes with the freshest herbs, home made pasta, sauces and finest quality meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. We offer 10 different menu selections for you to choose from. Substitutions between menus can always be arranged. We also have a midnight buffet available to anyone wishing it.

Sample Menu
Antipasto: Selection of prosciutto, melon, bocconcini, tomatoes & marinated vegetables.
Pasta: Signature homemade lasagna or homemade cannelloni.
Main Course: Slow roasted prime rib with seasonal vegetables, oven roasted potatoes, tossed green salad, fresh bakery buns, tea & coffee.
Centre of Table: Platter of garlic prawns
Finishing Touch: Platter of Italian pastries or platter of fresh fruit

Selection of Menu Items you can choose from to make your own menu:

Antipasto: Centre of Table:
Ham, Salami, Cheese & Vegetables Grilled Italian Sausages
Shrimp & Calamari Salad Roasted Chicken Pieces
Ham, Salami, Tomato, Bocconcini Roasted Ribs
Prosciutto, Melon, Bocconcini, Tomatoes Breaded Prawns
Pasta: Garlic Prawns
Signature Homemade Lasagna 
Signature Homemade Cannelloni Finishing Touch:
Penne with Meat Sauce Assortment of Italian Pastries
Cheese or Meat Tortellini Platter of grapes and cheese
Platter of Risotto Assortment of Seasonal Fruit
Platter of Fettucinni Alfredo Specialty Pear Ice Cream
* Main Course: Additional Choices:
Oven Roasted Chicken Legs Hot of Cold Hors d'oeuvres
Slow Roasted Baron of Beef Platter of Shrimp Calamari
Breaded Veal Cutlets Platter of Assort. Seafood & Mussells in wine sauce
Veal Scaloppini Platter of frito misto (calamari)
Chicken Cordon Bleu Platter of rice
Pan Seared Talapia Lemon Sorbetto with liquer
Wild Pacific Salmon Specialty Ice Cream
Roasted Prime Rib Midnight Buffet:
Tender New York Steak Cold cuts or Pizza
Beef Tenderloin Combination of both cold cuts and Pizza
* Included in above are seasonal vegetables,Oven roasted or mashed potatoes, green tossed salad, fresh bakery buns, tea and coffee. 70% of total guests minimum